British Designed & Manufactured Cryotherapy Pods


With 20 year experience in Whole Body Cryotherapy, we are expertly placed to advise on the best Cryotherapy package for you. Our Whole Body Cryotherapy PODs are designed and manufactured in the UK and we are able to provide an unparalleled service to our clients, from initial sale, through to installation and maintenance of your CRYOPOD™.

Safety First

The CRYOPOD™ surrounds the user with super-cooled air rather than direct liquid nitrogen vapour.

Uk Designed & Manufactured

The CRYOPOD™ is designed by leading software & mechanical design engineers in accordance with Medical Directive Standards & ISO 13485.

Service & Support

CRYOPOD™ can support you every step of the way from installation, to training, to maintenance.

Connect & Contol

The CRYOPOD™ has built-in Wi-fi connectivity & state of the art touch screens.

Data monitoring, logging & Profiling

CRYOPOD™ software is Microsoft based & allows for detailed analysis of programme data.

Global Liquid Nitrogen Access

CRYOPOD™ work with the world's largest gas suppliers to ensure you have access to the best cryogenic support infrastructure.



Introducing the World’s FIRST Air Cooled LiN CRYOPOD™

ProCcare CustoRec Software Integration

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All of our CRYOPOD™s run ProCcare CustoRec Software as standard, giving users a unique, customised and safe Whole Body Cryotherapy experience.


- Individualised cooling sessions
- Physiological data
- Personalised therapy records


- Physiological data
- Confidential records for future cooling sessions


- Tailored to meet the individual's goal


- Software will schedule cooling sessions, ensuring the correct frequency and intervals between sessions


- Sessions supervised by a certified operator
- CustoRec solution meets international standards


- At the end of the cooling programme, personal evaluation reports are generated with advice for future cooling sessions

Our Clients

We work with a number of professional and semi professional sports people, who have all appreciated the significant benefits of using Whole Body Cryotherapy to speed up recovery and enhance performance.
Train Harder, Recover Quicker.

England Rugby Cryotherapy
UFC Gym Crotherapy

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