CRYOPOD™ are one of the world’s leading Whole Body Cryotherapy POD manufacturers. All of our Cryotherapy PODs are designed and manufactured in the UK, by leading software and mechanical design engineers from the nuclear and sub-sea industries. Safety is at the heart of what we do and our CRYOPOD™ offers users the full Whole Body Cryotherapy experience without needing to be in contact with Liquid Nitrogen vapours. We take pride in offering our clients a full service and will provide support and guidance from your initial sales enquiry through to maintaining your CRYOPOD™ in the future.


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Individual Whole Body Sessions

A CRYOPOD™ provides the opportunity to offer efficient single person cooling sessions unlike multi-person chambers. Data derived from the individual athlete during a session is displayed on the CRYOPOD™ monitors and can be utilised by medical staff. CRYOPOD™ is the only UK built unit that can offer this facility.

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Comprehensive Data Monitoring

Our CRYOPOD™ software is integrated with cutting edge biometric monitoring systems. Display screens within the pod provide real-time information and the results can also be transferred and accessed remotely to enable detailed analysis of the client’s data.

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Unparalleled Safety

CRYOPOD™ is the world’s first single user unit that surrounds the client with super-cooled air rather than direct liquid nitrogen vapour. This is the safest way to use cryotherapy. It also features swipe card access.

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Engineered Excellence

Our team of world-class engineers have meticulously crafted the CRYOPOD™ to ensure that safety and efficiency is at the heart of our design and operation. Our software engineers have incorporated the very latest technology into the CRYOPOD™ including built in Wi-Fi connectivity and state-of-the-art LCD touch screens. Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 accredited.

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Custom Finishes

We are able to offer you a personalised design solution to fit perfectly with your end requirements. From expertly fitted upholstery to ‘wrapping’ the CRYOPOD™ in your branding.

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Unrivaled Customer Service

Our software engineers are always on standby and are able to access the Pod (with your permission) to upload software upgrades remotely when required.​

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Our CRYOPOD™ is built to ensure access for all. The window is adjustable and there is low step entry and no lift required to increase height.

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Industry Leading Liquid Nitrogen Supply

We work alongside the world’s largest industrial gas supply companies to ensure that each client has access to the very best cryogenic resource support network.​

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I felt better straight after the Cryopod than I did when I got in! Went for a 5-mile recovery run on Monday evening with my club and my legs felt much better than they did on my recovery run the night after the Great North Run. On Tuesday my legs felt fresh. Quite often the DOMS set in 2 days after a race so that was a pleasant surprise.
Winner of Kielder Ladies Half Marathon